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3 Steps to Optimize Linen Closet Organization

3 Steps to Optimize Linen Closet Organization

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If there’s one closet that always seems to be disorganized in the house, it’s the linen closet. Between bath towels, bedsheets, and bulky quilts, it’s hard to configure everything to fit just right in such a small space. Fortunately, we’ve tested out the best ways to optimize storage in a small closet. Follow these three simple steps for linen closet organization!

Roll, Don’t Fold

Although we love drawers full of aesthetically pleasing folded clothes, there’s nothing worse than having a beautifully folded stack of towels only for it to come tumbling down the moment you reach to pull one out of your linen closet. Because towels are such bulky items, they can take up a lot of space in the closet and often quickly become disorganized unless you’re only reaching for the towel on top. A great way to combat the Leaning Tower of Towels in your linen closet is to roll the stack, rather than fold.

Rolling towels as a way to store them instead of folding them has a few benefits, the most obvious being that it looks much more organized upon first glance. Have you ever noticed that when you stay at a luxury hotel, the bath towels left out for you are most likely rolled on top of the bathroom counter rather than folded? Well, our goal is to achieve this same luxury-esque look in your home. Additionally, a stack of rolled items is much easier to manage than a stack of folded ones. So, when you grab your favorite bath towel from the bottom of the stack, it will slide out effortlessly and the rest on top won’t come crashing down. 

Linen Closet Organization

Folding a Fitted Sheet

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve just pulled your bedsheets out of the dryer and realized you have no idea how to fold the fitted sheet in a way that makes sense? We get it. We’ve all been there, and it’s probably one of the most frustrating pieces of laundry to fold. If you’re like us (or how we used to be before finding this life-saving hack), you probably end up just rolling the sheet into a ball and tossing it into the closet wherever it fits. So, when it comes time to make up the guest bedroom or change out your own sheets, you’re met with a completely wrinkled first layer. 

Learning how to effectively fold your fitted sheets will not only save you the post-laundry headache, but will also keep your sheet sets organized in your closet which will result in a much cleaner looking bedroom. To effectively and efficiently fold your fitted sheets, follow these steps from Good Housekeeping: 

  1. Hold the ends of the sheet in both hands.

  2. Tuck the right corner into the left corner and repeat on the opposite side.

  3. Tuck the corners again so that all four corners fit into each other.

  4. Place the sheet on a flat surface and fold into thirds horizontally.

  5. Starting at the left side, fold into thirds again vertically until you’re left with a neatly folded square!

Bundle Your Blankets

Large quilts and comforters seem to be an item many households have in excess, but they’re so bulky that they don’t really fit in most blanket baskets or ottoman storage. Plus, the fabric is so thick that it doesn’t the blankets usually don’t stay folded together tightly and end up in a pile on the closet floor. Once again, we recommend folding these large blankets, quilts, and comforters to save space in your linen closet. But, with these bulkier items it’s best to take this one step further by bundling up each blanket. After rolling, use a piece of sturdy twine, scrap of fabric, or something similar to tie around the blanket roll. Creating this bundle will prevent the blankets from becoming a jumbled mess, thus keeping your linen closet accessible and organized!

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