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Mudroom Storage Organization: 4 Tips to Enhance Your Mudroom

Mudroom Storage Organization: 4 Tips to Enhance Your Mudroom

Grace Dearing
5 minute read

Oftentimes, the mudroom becomes the junk drawer of the home. From haphazardly discarding shoes to throwing off jackets to storing excess clutter, the mudroom seems to be one of those rooms that can never stay organized. Fortunately, we have a few simple tips to help keep your mudroom storage clean and organized all year round.

Invest in Storage Bins & Buckets

The first, and most obvious, tip is to invest in several different types of mudroom storage baskets and buckets. Standard square bins, like the Folden Lane collapsible storage bins, are perfect for optimizing cubby space within cabinets and shelf space in closets. These bins allow you to store all those miscellaneous items that begin to clutter the rest of your home. Whether it’s small toys for your pets, sports equipment for your kids, or other random items that don’t seem to belong in any other room of the house, utilizing storage bins offers some sense of organization. Plus, choosing visually appealing bins, like those from Folden Lane, allows for this organization without distracting from the decor and design of the rest of your home. 

Round free-standing buckets can also come in handy for items like umbrellas, baseball bats, tennis rackets, and any other awkwardly-shaped items. Large umbrellas and sporting equipment tends to pile up in the corner of the mudroom, often creating the illusion that the room is much messier than it actually is. By giving these items a designated space, you eliminate the likelihood of these items taking up more space than is necessary.

Mudroom Storage

Utilize Wall Space For Hanging

We’ve mentioned it before but we can’t help saying it again: wall space is prime real estate in your home. Contrary to popular belief, your walls can offer more than just a space to hang pictures and artwork. Installing wall hooks is a great way to take advantage of the empty wall space in your mudroom and can be used in a variety of ways. We recommend installing small hooks right next to the door for your keys and larger hooks nearby to hang jackets and coats. This will allow you to implement a storage system without taking up any additional space with large cabinets and storage racks. 

If you want to take this tip one step further, designate large hooks for dry items and a separate section of hooks for wet items. During the rainy and snowy months, keeping your dry jackets separate from the wet ones will allow wet clothing to dry out more quickly, thus preventing that damp and musty scent that sometimes fills mudrooms. 

Designate a Space For Shoes

As we mentioned before, the mudroom often becomes a place where items like shoes are kicked off and thrown haphazardly to the side. Therefore, it’s important to designate a specific area for shoes to be stored upon entering the home. We recommend investing in a few different types of shoe storage: an outdoor welcome mat, an indoor waterproof mat, and a shoe rack. 

An outdoor welcome mat is probably something you’ve already invested in for your front door to avoid guests tracking in dirt and debris from outside. Similarly, a mat placed outside your mudroom door lowers the possibility of tracking footprints across the floor. Additionally, placing a waterproof mat directly inside the door gives you a space to store any wet or damp shoes on days when it might be raining or snowing. This mat keeps your wet shoes separate from the rest of your shoes and prevents the possibility of dirtying already clean footwear. Plus, the rubber or silicone material makes for easy cleanup later on. 

Finally, we recommend using shoe racks instead of bins to organize the shoes in your mudroom.  When shoes are thrown into bins, they can become damaged from being stacked on top of each other. Plus, no one wants to spend time digging around a bin looking for the match to the pair of shoes they want to wear! Shoe racks remedy this issue by leaving all of your shoes on display for easy access and to avoid damage. 

Mudroom Storage

Implement a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

A lot of times, the reason your mudroom feels so cluttered to the point that it’s overwhelming is because weeks’ worth of clutter has just piled on top of itself. A good way to combat this is by implementing a weekly cleaning schedule for yourself or your family. Doing a quick sweep at the end of every week to check that everything is in its designated storage space, mopping the floor, and wiping down any areas that may collect dust or dirt allows you to stay ahead of the mess so that it doesn’t grow into something that seems impossible to handle!

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