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The Organizers Have Spoken


"Fun to assemble, sustainable and super functional storage solution. A must have for any space, anyone, anywhere!"

Lisa Jacobs

buttery vegan leather

"Beautifully made storage solutions. Seamless assembly, and an amazing brand mission. Sustainable, high quality, yet affordable!"

Leanna Pegorari @leannapegorariorganizing

Love these baskets

"5 stars! The buttery smooth vegan leather is beyond anything I imagined. The drawstring to close the baskets worked with a single snag. I look forward to using the baskets in future client homes!"

Iesha Williams @theunclutteredlifestyle

Almost too pretty

"Folden Lane's storage baskets marry design and function to create something beautiful. The vegan leather is almost too pretty to hide behind closed doors."

Corinne Morahan. @gridandglam

At Folden Lane, we believe in making room for richer, better experiences at home. And that’s what a well-organized space empowers us to do. In our view, the perfect storage basket should do more than help you get organized—it should add to the beauty and personality of your space. So we’re doing things differently.

Welcome to the Fold.


180 Prototypes & 16 Months Later.

We were told that our vision was impossible. We faced hundreds of rejections. We were told we were crazy. We proved them wrong.

how we did it


The community has spoken. @foldenlane