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The Making of Folden Lane

Our Founder

Ben Spivack comes from four generations of basketmakers, and his family's roots go back to their ancestors who were pioneers in the storage industry. Ben started working in his family business when he was 8, learning everything about home storage, product design and entrepreneurship from his Dad.

The Lightbulb

After discovering many problems plaguing the storage market, Ben was passionate to do things differently. He took the experience he learned from his family, combined it with his passion for storage & organization, and started Folden Lane in 2020.

Our mission

To create beautiful, organized spaces for homes everywhere, one basket at a time.

Our Core Values

Every decision we make is inspired by a set of core values.
Radical Inclusion

We aspire to cultivate an equitable culture, one that embraces & thrives on diversity.

Humility & Empathy

We treat everyone with compassion, and inspire them with ways to feel more organized tomorrow.

Do Good

Folden Lane will be used as a tool for good both environmentally and socially.

Wabi Sabi

We celebrate the perfectly imperfect nature of homes and the people who inhabit them.

180 Prototypes & 16 Months Later.

From day one we have been unwavering in our commitment to create something that redefined the standard for home storage. We obsessed over every detail, traveled globally to find the right partners, and spent countless nights raising money. All to turn this vision into a reality. Fast-forward to today, we are thrilled to introduce our launch product: the origami storage system.