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Our Story

We strive to bring taste, smart design, and sustainability to home organization, in a socially conscious way. Folden Lane was founded with a defiant spirit and a lofty vision: to offer the most beautiful and sustainable home storage solutions on the planet, while redefining what it means to be a purpose-driven, socially conscious business.

The Problem

Our idea started with the discovery of a few problems in the storage industry. Almost all existing storage baskets look the same, there are too many of them, and shipping them has a devastating impact on the environment. There were no trusted brands that offered equally beautiful, functional, and sustainable solutions at an accessible price.

The Solution

While there wasn’t a simple explanation, there was a solution: a one-stop destination that sells equally unique, beautiful & sustainable storage, provides an effortless shopping experience, and offers personalized expertise from leading organizers and interior designers.

How are we doing this?

Virtually all baskets are shipped pre-constructed, leaving packages to ship predominantly air to their final destination. This creates millions of pounds of packaging waste and also generates harmful CO2 emissions that can be avoided.

We spent a year creating a flat-packed storage solution. Our signature design will save 55% on packaging waste and in turn up to 85% CO2 emissions.

Our Core Values

Every decision we make is inspired by a set of core values.
Radical Inclusion

We aspire to cultivate an equitable culture, one that embraces & thrives on diversity.

Humility & Empathy

We treat everyone with compassion, and inspire them with ways to feel more organized tomorrow.

Do Good

Folden Lane will be used as a tool for good both environmentally and socially.

Wabi Sabi

We celebrate the perfectly imperfect nature of homes and the people who inhabit them.