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Our mission is to improve the well-being of people & their lives at home, one basket at a time.

Who we are

We’re a community of inclusive, humble, clutter-obsessed people who believe a great set of storage baskets can take you and your home to new, organized heights.

Turning storage into a force for good

At Folden Lane, we're driven by the belief that sustainability is the only future - and what we do today matters. The manufacturing of storage baskets creates unnecessary waste due to their shape & inefficient shipping processes. With our fully collapsible designs, all of our products can be shipped flat-packed & means our baskets consume 55% less packaging and reduce carbon emissions by 85% vs. traditional baskets.


We believe that you should never have to compromise between an organized home and a clean planet. At Folden Lane, you don't have to.

Our Core Values

Radical Inclusion
Humility & Empathy
Do Good
Wabi Sabi