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Folden Lane Featured in Living Cozy

Sep 30, 2021  |  Ben Spivack

Folden Lane Featured in Living Cozy

Written by:  Ash Read, September 30 2021

Folden Lane Offers Stylish, Functional, and Eco-Friendly Storage Solutions for Your Home


Keeping your home organized can feel like a never-ending challenge. And if you’ve ever wandered the aisles at your local homeware store, you’ll know the organization options are seemingly endless and largely one product (or brand) is indistinguishable from another. 

Folden Lane is here to change that. 

The brand was founded by Ben Spivack, who comes from four generations of basketmakers. He started working in his family business at the age of eight, learning everything about home storage from Dad. 

Spivack founded Folden Lane in 2020 with the mission to create beautiful, organized spaces for homes everywhere, one basket at a time.The Single by Folden LaneIts product is a patent-pending, flat-pack-designed storage basket. “We nickname it the Origami,” says Spivack. 

Folden Lane’s baskets are delivered to your door in folded form and have a seamless 5-second assembly process. The baskets are offered in six sizes and four colors and made with premium vegan leathers — “an entirely new material to our category,” adds Spivack who explains that most baskets are made with single-use plastics or harmful metals. 

“It’s versatile enough to be used in any area of your home, designed with all aesthetics in mind. When you want to shuffle out your baskets with other solutions, all you have to do is fold them up and store,” explains Spivack. “Longer term we’re building out the full system which includes bamboo lids, ID tags, removable handles, and dividers.”

The brand’s flat-pack design also helps Folden Lane to live up to its self-imposed sustainability targets. “If you think of a pre-assembled basket, it ships predominantly air on the inside (leading to millions of pounds of packaging waste). Shipping our products flat-pack allows us to fit many more multiples of product in cargo loads to ship to our end destinations,” adds Spivack.

The inspiration behind Folden Lane came from Spivack’s years of industry experience as well as interviews with thousands of potential customers and a network of 200+ professional organizers in which Spivack uncovered three key insights:

  1. Consumers are overwhelmed with choice between undifferentiated storage solutions with similar aesthetics
  2. There are zero recognizable trusted brands that customers can rely on for category expertise on how to live well through home organization
  3. Sustainability is largely treated as an afterthought

“Virtually all customers today take a piecemealed approach to solving their storage needs,” he adds. 

With Folden Lane, Spivack is aiming to create a “sustainable lifestyle brand that offers a curated assortment of equally stylish and functional storage solutions, for modern homes everywhere.”

The System Folden Lane


Spivack set out to create something that would redefine the standard for home storage and it didn’t happen overnight. “We went through 200+ prototypes over and did not begin manufacturing until our raw materials and final product went and passed through a myriad of stress tests,” he explains. “We only manufacture our products with premium materials that were carefully chosen to stand the test of time.”

Beyond enduring quality, Folder Lane’s flat-pack concept is designed to be versatile and evolve as your life changes. “Our flat-pack concept and versatile aesthetic were both intentionally designed,” says Spivack. “We thought about the entire product and user life cycle that aspires to evolve with you when you redecorate, move, have a new baby, reorganize your home, and so on.”

Folden Lane’s rectangle and square storage baskets are designed in six sizes and start at $49 (with packages of three and six baskets available). It offers free shipping, returns, and 30-day trial on all orders.