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How To Fold Clothes - The Design Friendly Way

Apr 19, 2021  |  Ben Spivack

How To Fold Clothes - The Design Friendly Way

Thanks to the pandemic, more and more of us are trying to capture some semblance of control by organizing our houses. The world outside might be chaotic, but our world inside can be peaceful and organized. If you’re currently on this journey, then you might have moved on from decluttering your house [can link previous article here] and are now trying to organize your shelves and drawers in a visually pleasing way.

One great way to make your dresser drawers and closets look design friendly is to fold everything uniformly. You will be amazed how great a sock drawer can look if all of your socks are folded the same way, or how organized your loungewear drawer can be if you fold your hoodies correctly. To help you achieve just that, we have rounded up some viral TikTok videos that will show you how to fold everything from pajamas to workout cloths so your closets and drawers can look aesthetically appealing. 

You won’t be able to stop looking at your sock drawer after you do this, guaranteed. Get ready to become a neat freak. 

How to Fold Socks

Rather than lumping your trainer socks into misshapen balls, fold them into perfect small squares that you can then stack upright in an organizational basket or drawer separator. Do the same with your longer socks using this tutorial in order to create a cohesive flow in your drawers. 

How to Fold Underwear

Rather than stacking your undies on top of each other, fold them into small squares to make them more visually appealing with the help of this tutorial. Do you have different types of underwear in your drawer and aren’t sure how to make them the same size? No problem. This TikTok video shows you how to fold different types of underwear so you are left with similarly sized squares in your drawer.

How to Fold Athleisure Wear

Sweatpants and crewnecks are bulky and take up a lot of space in drawers. But you can clean up that dresser drawer by folding your athleisure into tight rectangles that stand erect in the drawer. Hoodies require a special method to fold because they are bulkier thanks to the hood, but this tutorial shows you three ways to fold them neatly.

How to Fold Shirts

If you prefer to fold your shirts, sweaters and blouses rather than hang them in a closet, then this video will show you how to fold them all the same, regardless of their silhouette, length, or shape. That way they will all look identical when you open your drawer, making for a more design friendly result.

How to Fold Dresses

Do you hate it when your dresses touch the shelf underneath? Follow this video to see how to shorten their hems on the hanger in order to create a more continuous line in your closet.

How to Fold Pants

If you don’t have a lot of closet space, then you might fold your pants and stow them in your dressers. If this is the case, then fold them in this uniform way to make them look like they’re sitting on a department store shelf rather than in an apartment bedroom. Shorts can be folded using the same method.

Follow these folding tips and you will love putting away your laundry and opening your dresser drawers. They will be so aesthetically pleasing that you won’t be able to get enough.