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Spring Cleaning Guide: How To Organize, Declutter & Clean Your Home this Season

Mar 29, 2022  |  Ben Spivack

Spring Cleaning Guide: How To Organize, Declutter & Clean Your Home this Season

Spring signifies a new start, a new beginning. It's only right to welcome the warmer days by deep cleaning the house, getting rid of anything that has ceased to be of use, and begin the new season on a fresh, clean note.

While this tradition has cultural, historical, and religious roots, it is only natural to find yourself at odds as to how to go about it. To help make the decision (and cleaning!) easier on you, we’ve framed a guide that answers all your common questions. Let’s go explore.

Why Should I Spring Clean?

Spring cleaning is a one-of-its-kind opportunity to clean, rearrange, and reset your house. Spring cleaning also helps you stave off bigger problems like mold build-ups as you dust, clean, wash, and vacuum every inch of your house. It also helps you carry out maintenance, safety, and health checks as you clean your appliances and cookware.

 When Should I Do My Spring Cleaning?

It depends, really. Spring cleaning truly is a versatile queen. While it is recommended that you start the satisfying deep clean affair as soon as you feel the fresh spring air against your skin, it would be wise to check your schedule. Don’t be impulsive. The only purpose it serves is to spread out your spring cleaning over a long period of time instead of, what could have been, a matter of a weekend or two.

What Is Included In Spring Cleaning?

The rise in temperatures that comes with a change in the seasons may prompt you to ask yourself what is included in spring cleaning. How does it differ from regular cleaning? And most importantly, do I even need to spring clean?

The deep cleaning process can, admittedly, feel daunting. You have to give special attention to all the nooks, crannies, and corners during the cleaning process to truly “strip” your house of all the dirt, dust, grime, mold, and other buildups before they become a full-fledged issue. To help make the process easier for you, we’ve prepared a spring cleaning checklist that can help you get your head in the game.


  • Organize your nightstand, drawers, and closets.
  • Get rid of everything that doesn’t belong in the room. Put them in separate labeled boxes and donate, throw, or recycle as required.
  • Remove your bedding, pillows, and other linens to launder. Strip the mattress cover off the bed and rotate your mattresses.
  • Remove pictures and artwork off the walls, then dust the ceiling fan, ceiling, and window moldings. Clean the windows and other glass surfaces.
  • Go over the picture frames with a clean and dry microfiber cloth before rehanging them.
  • Treat the wood furniture to remove sticky buildup, if any.
  • Lastly, vacuum the floor, take out the trash, and air out the room to freshen it up.


  • Wipe down and deep clean all appliances, big or small, with a degreasing product and rearrange them as per your convenience.
  • Clear out the cabinets, wipe them down clean—both from the inside and outside—and rearrange bottles and jars. Throw away empties and products you no longer use. Use mild soapy water or an appropriate cleaner, as required.
  • Empty the refrigerator, defrost the freezer, clean refrigerator shelves, and the area behind and beneath the refrigerator.
  • Deep clean the sink and kitchen sink drain with an enzyme drain-cleaning product for targeted treatments.


  • Organize all the cabinets and drawers. Get rid of medicines, toiletries, bathroom essentials that have either expired or ceased to be of any use to you.
  • Dust all surfaces and scrub the shower, bathtub, toilet, and tiles around the toilet—basically, every inch of the surface of your bathroom.
  • Wash the walls of the bathroom, vacuum heating, and exhaust vents, and sweep and mop the bathroom floor.
  • Clean the mirrors and other glass features with a glass cleaner. Also clean the trash can inside and out.
  • Wash the shower curtains, bath mats, window curtains, and other items.

 Tips That May Help

  1. Make a schedule (and stick to it!)
  2. Focus on decluttering. Anything that is of no use to you has to go—whether it's being donated or thrown into the trash chute.
  3. Use green cleaning materials. It makes no sense to spend so much time, energy, and resources deep cleaning your house if chemicals and toxins are left behind in the process.
  4. Work from the ceiling down. It's the quickest way to clean a room without resorting to multiple sessions of dusting, washing, and sweeping.
  5. Make changes in your interior decor by changing your bedding, switching up placement of furniture, appliances, and so on.

 Wrapping Up

Now that you’re familiar with the intricacies and benefits of spring cleaning, it’s time to put the checklist given above to good use and soft-launch your spring cleaning initiative. To make the cleaning process easier, use appropriately-sized bins with modular dividers and removable handles for all rooms—you’ll be surprised by all the difference that can make!